But those who hope in the LORD will renew their strength. They will soar on wings like eagles; they will run and not grow weary, they will walk and not be faint.

Prayer Diary for May

1 Philip and James, Apostles (Bank Holiday)

That we may follow the example of Philip and James and follow the path that leads to eternal life.

Victory Road, Villa Street, Waldemar Grove

2 Athanasius, Bishop of Alexandria, Teacher of the Faith, 373

That we may be strong in our faith as declared in the creeds

Warwick Avenue, Waterloo Road, Waverley Avenue.

3 World Press Freedom Day

For those who work in the news media.

Wensor Avenue, West Crescent, West End.

4 English Saints and Martyrs of the Reformation Era (Local Elections Day)

For the new Standing Committee which meets today

Westward Avenue, Wharton Crescent, Wilkinson Avenue.

5 For the uniformed organisations attached to our church

Willoughby Close, Willoughby Street, Wimpole Road.

6 For the residents and staff of the Care Homes in our parish

Windrush Close, Windsor Street, Wollaton Crescent

7 THE FOURTH SUNDAY OF EASTER Workplace Vocations Sunday

For all who work in Beeston

Wollaton Road, Woodside Road, Acacia Walk

8 Julian of Norwich, Spiritual Writer, c1417 Mental Health Awareness Week begins; World Red Cross Day.

For the work of the Red Cross throughout the world

Acaster Close, Albert Road, Albion Street.

9 For our Prayer and Study groups

Alexander Crescent, Alford Close, Alwyn Court.

10 For the bell ringers

Anderson Crescent, Appleton Road, Arden Close.

11 For members of our Mothers’ Union branch which meets today

Ashfield Avenue, Avon Place, Barrydale Avenue.

12 Gregory Dix, priest, monk, scholar, 1952

For our choir

Barton Street, Beacon Road, Beech Avenue.

13 For the emergency services

Beeston Fields Drive, Beeston Lane, Bexhill Court.

14 THE FIFTH SUNDAY OF EASTER Christian Aid Week begins

For Christian Aid in its mission to relieve suffering.

Birch Avenue, Bourne Close, Bowden Drive.

15 Matthias the Apostle (transferred from 14th May)

That we may each accept God’s call to us, as Matthias did.

Briar Close, Broadgate, Broadgate Avenue.

16 Caroline Chisholm, Social Reformer, 1877

For social workers

Broadwood Court, Broughton Street, Boulevard Industrial Estate.

17 For the medical professions

Canalside, Carisbrooke Avenue, Cartwright Way.

18 For the new P.C.C. which meets this evening

Carwood Road, Cavendish Place, Cedar Avenue.

19 Dunstan, Archbishop of Canterbury, Restorer of Monastic Life, 988

For those who follow the monastic way of life.

Cedar Court, Charlotte Grove, Chestnut Avenue.

20 Alcuin of York, Deacon, Abbot of Tours, 804

That we may strive to overcome ignorance

Chilwell Road, Church Street, City Road.


For God’s blessing on all who work on the land

Clifford Avenue, Clifton Street, Clinton Street.

22 Rogation Day

For the farming community

Collin Street, Collington Street, Commercial Avenue.

23 Rogation Day

For our Churchwardens as they attend the Archdeacons’ Visitation Service at Southwell Minster.

Coniston Road, Cornwall Avenue, Cotswold Court.

24 Rogation Day

John and Charles Wesley, Evangelists, hymn writers, 1791 & 1788

For deep sea fishermen and their families

Coventry Road, Cromwell Road, Cross Street.


Thy Kingdom Come begins (10 days of prayer for evangelism and witness)

That we in heart and mind may also ascend.

Cyprus Avenue, Cyprus Drive, Cyril Avenue.

26 Augustine, First Archbishop of Canterbury, 605; John Calvin, Reformer, 1564; Philip Neri, Founder of the Oratorians, Spiritual Guide, 1595

For Justin, Archbishop of Canterbury and John, Archbishop of York

Dagmar Grove, Dallas York Road, David Grove.

27 For our loved ones

Denison Street, Dennis Avenue, Derby Road.

28 THE SEVENTH SUNDAY OF EASTER Sunday after Ascension Day

That the Church may be filled with love and compassion

Derby Street, Devonshire Avenue, Dovecote Lane.

29 International Day of United Nations Peace Keepers (Bank Holiday)

For peace in the world

Dunsmore Close, Eagle Close, East Crescent.

30 Josephine Butler, Social Reformer, 1906; Joan of Arc, Visionary, 1434;

Apolo Kivebulaya, Priest, Evangelist in Central Africa, 1933

For social justice

Eaton Close, Ellis Grove, Elm Avenue.

31 Visit of the Blessed Virgin Mary to Elizabeth

That we, too, may magnify God’s Holy Name as Mary did

Members of our congregation who live outside the parish