Notices for Sunday 3rd August 2014

Seventh Sunday after Trinity


 Open Door Stewards: This is Week 1 on your rota.

Parish Office: Please note that Kathryn will not be in the Parish office on Thursday 7th and 14th August. Many thanks.

Sunday School: Please note, there will be no Sunday school until Sunday 7th September.

ABC2: Please note, there will be no ABC until Tuesday 9th September.

Seven Marble Memorials - Many thanks to all of you who have sponsored a Memorial and contributed or promised a contribution towards the cost of this project. We had hoped for the job to be done by 4 August, but unfortunately the person who will do the repair is very busy and will not be able to do it until the end of August - at least it will be done for Remembrance Day!
If you intend to donate something but haven't got round to it, please do so as soon as convenient. For further details speak to one of the Church Wardens, Pat or Ray.

Bible Study Group: We will start looking at Samuel, which follows on from Judges/Ruth on Tuesday 23rd September. This would be a good point for newcomers to join in. Please let me know if you are interested. Philip Wheeler, 925 4346.

Funeral of Mavis Price: Tuesday 5th August at 11am in Church. Everyone welcome.

Mothers Union: We do not have our usual meeting in August. However, very importantly is the Wave of Prayer Service. This will be held in the Church on Saturday, 16th August, from 9.00am to 10.00am. The service will be taken from the most recent Link UP so please bring your copy with you on the day. At the last Committee Meeting we decided that our Branch should sponsor the restoration of The Bigsby Memorial plaque, one of those on the north wall of the Church.

Website Redevelopment Update: We are moving on to the next stage of this project and are now reviewing the content of our current site.
• We are in the process of contacting all Group Leaders asking them to review their group's information as it appears on the site at the moment. If you are able to respond electronically this would be very helpful, but paper forms are also available. Please could you return the form to Rebecca Gillie (using the details provided) by Sunday 24th August.
• In preparation for the new site, James Hall (our web designer) will be in and around church during and after the Sunday morning service on 17th August to take some photos of both the inside and outside of the church. We don't just want photos of an empty church on the new site, so please be aware that there may be a camera pointed in your direction! If you have any concerns about this please let us know.
If you have any questions regarding this project please speak to Liz Baldock, Rebecca Gillie or Phil Sherratt.

Silverwood Service: The next service at Silverwood Nursing Home will be at 11am on Monday 25th August. Support, as always, will be welcome.

HERITAGE OPEN DAYS 2014: Information booklets are available at the back of church. The church will be open:-
Saturday 13th Sept (10 a.m. - 2 p.m.)
Sunday 14th Sept (2 p.m. - 4 p.m.)
Please sign the list if you are willing to steward. Thank you. Sheila Allton

Prayers: please remember these people in your prayers: Ian Macrae Smith, Janet Toseland, Avril Shaw, Margery Cooper, Jennifer Metcalfe, Jean Smith, Iris Beazley, Cyril Olds, Peter Grayson and Lyn Capstick who are sick. Remember also Barbara Padavano, Ivy Curtis and Henry Curtis who died in recent days, and all those who mourn.